Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Aussie Three of Consistency

The Aussie Three of Consistency (for not much money): Yellow Tail, Lindemans and Jacob's Creek. Look around the internet a bit and you'll find wine snobs abound criticizing these brands often as mass produced, boring, destroyers of the Australian wine industry etc. Perhaps there isn't giant amounts of individuality here but you'll find great consistency for not much money and lets face it in today economic shambles such attributes are king.

Anyone (especially business people) could admire what Yellow Tail has accomplished in a short period of time. They've enveloped a large amount of market share in the US and become the number 1 importer of wine. Ingredients: A cool friendly memorable bottle image, fruity+sweet wines, low out of pocket cost for the consumer, consistency and savvy marketing.

In the same price range don't forget other choices like Lindemans and Jacob's Creek (even if their labels aren't as cool). I find that Lindemans' Bin series to have better overall tasting qualities than Yellow Tail but many times the price point is not as good.

Jacob's Creek is my favorite of the 3 because I have the most memorable experiences with this brand. My personal pick of the 3 brands value offerings would be Jacob's Creek Grenache Shiraz with its pleasant raspberry aftertaste and medium body.

When I walk in the wine store looking for value ($11 for 14 for a magnum bottle) and consistency the Aussie Three of Consistency deserve consideration. They are a fine choice especially for the daily drink as well as for the beginning wine drinker. Bear in mind that all 3 brands offer higher scale wines as well.


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