Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wine's Country of Origin

Should the country of origin matter when selecting wine? Recently I pondered this thought because out of the last 5 French wines only 2 were completely satisfying to me. One of those choices I mentioned in an earlier post and consider it to a good one for the daily wine drinker: Georges Deboeuf Cabernet Sauvigon. It falls into the Vins de Pays classification which allows this French wine to characterize itself as a Cabernet Sauvignon (most of the time the region of France classifies the wine). The other pleasing French wine that I would certainly drink again: Paul Joubelet Parallel "45" Cotes du Rhone 2006 vintage(Rhone is the category and is a valley in France). You can purchase this within the 8 to $11 per 750 ml bottle range. The point is just because a wine comes from California, France, Italy etc. it doesn't make the wine. Though perhaps it could serve as a general starting point before getting more specific like region, varietal, vintner, importer, budget etc.


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